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How are you?

On average, we talk to a lot of people throughout the day. We interact with family, friends, roommates, coworkers, and strangers as we go about our routines. Because of this, it can be hard to find the time or the people with which to have a truly meaningful conversation. While our families and friends care for us, they are just as busy as we are; we can often start and end our days without truly sharing or relating to those around us. While our busy lives and comfortable routines are nothing to be ungrateful for, we can often find ourselves going through the motions in our conversations, much in the same way that we would with any daily activity. And we do it so much because it’s easy. We don’t have to take up that extra time to stop and try to connect. We can just keep going. 

 I think that one of the things that is easiest for us to just brush off and reply with a quick answer is the question, “How are you doing?” So often I find myself telling people that I am doing “good” or “fine” when they ask me how I am, regardless of how I have actually been doing. I might have had the worst possible day, but I find it so much easier to just reply that I am doing fine and move on with my day. 

At Caliber, this is something that we are aware of, and it is something that we are trying to change. Because of this, every time you walk up to the counter, a barista is ready to ask, “How are you?” While this question may not sound any different from all the times you’ve heard it before, Caliber is striving to show you that this space is one that you are welcome in, no matter how you are doing. As employees, we care deeply for the community of people that have chosen to make Caliber a part of their busy routines. We understand that you are being intentional in choosing where you get your coffee. In return, we want you to know that we are intentional about asking you how you are doing and really investing in the people that walk through the door. We know that you might shrug the question off as a typical pleasantry, but when someone asks you how you are at Caliber, we really mean it. 

In my first post for the blog, I talked about connection. Connection really is the driving force behind so much of humanity, whether we realize it or not. We’re wired for connection, and when we don’t receive it, it can greatly impact the way we see ourselves and those around us. By really taking the time to think about and relate to those around you, you are creating an opportunity for better connection with yourself and others. By opening up when you are given the opportunity, people are able to see you for who you truly are - someone that is uniquely themselves, bad days and all. Being honest and vulnerable isn’t always the most comfortable situation, though when done in a safe space, it can be a greatly rewarding one.

With that being said, it is important to also mention that we recognize that you may not feel comfortable telling us the reality of your life situation, and we want to let you know that that is okay. Caliber is not here to pry into your personal life. We are here to be a place where those who want to share, and those who don’t, feel free to be themselves, whatever that may look like. We love Donelson, and we know that it is full of amazing people that are in all different stages of life. However, next time you’re in the shop and someone asks you how you’re doing, maybe take a moment to consider showing us a little more of your world. We’d love to see it. 

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15 oct. 2019

I am elated that I no longer have to journey to East Nashville for coffee and a change of scenery from my home office! "Thank you" Caliber Coffee Co. for anchoring down in Donelson!

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